Fine Art in Stained Glass

Hartman's Glass Art-CD- "Pattern ProFUSION"
View Many of the Over 60 Wonderful Patterns included.
All Patterns require a kiln to accomplish the design. All patterns are provided in color and b&w in .jpg, .tif & .eye (Glass Eye 2000) formats for both PC and Mac platforms for easy resize, reshape and re-color. Patterns accommodate all levels of glass expertise.

Kitty Tile

Puppy Tile

Painted Pony

Cute Puppy

Sleeping Bears

Winter Gathering

Griz On The Hill

Good Stretch

Nature & Florals  

Aspen Branches

Autumn Glow

Blue Bird

Flower Abstract

Four O'Clocks

Graceful Branches

Green Orchid

Happy Trees

Leaf Bouquet

Morning Glory Dish

Mucho Flores

Peace Rising

More Nature & Some Great Southwest  

Oriental Flow

Pine Cones


Sonoran Cactus

The Wind Blows Free

TuckUp Canyon

Wild Iris Etch

Yellow & Red Orchid

Absolute Joy

SW Arrow

Desert Lightshow

Hopi Tewa Mask

Let's Eat!  

Concha Platter

Daisy Chain Bowl

Free To Roam

Hopi Dish

Interplay Dish

Peruvian Charger

Peruvian Plate

Tropical Dinnerware

Delightful Designs  

Asian Influence

Bitty Houses

DNA Abstract

Baubles & Bangles

ZigZag Earrings

Futurist Necklace

Fanciful Town

Hawaiian Shirt

SW Jack Rabbit

Kokopelli Family

Liquid Fusion

Sky Blessing

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